Revlon Colorstay Products 2

So I have been using Revlon Color stay Foundation and Powder and can  I just say that I love it. I am a hard to match skin tone and when I use the Color stay it gives me a clean, fresh well rested look and I can’t believe the coverage. I have never used a product that gave me everything I wanted and this product definitely did that. I want sheer but good coverage and a fresh look which, in the past, has been hard for me to get with other traditional makeup.

I am a big fan of makeup that looks fabulous without the huge markups of the department stores. I find that when you find something that works for you, you should really stick to it. As a stylist I have to throw away a lot of products that most women buy because they don’t need it. I believe in that if you look good you feel good. When your appearance is put together and upbeat you appear that way to others. So take the time to get yourself together and then take over the world.

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