Sugar cosmetics review

I recently took a trip to Marshall’s and they had two Sugar Cosmetics products. I got the Travel Tan and the Sugar Cube. First, the Travel Tan. I found this product to give a matte glow to my skin which is what I like. I don’t care for a lot of shimmer and this product didn’t have all the shimmer like other bronzing products. I really liked it. And it was so matte and similar to my skin tone that I used it as a substitution to my powder.

Now, the Sugar Cube. The eyeshadow in the cube are excellent quality and they go on smooth. So there are no complaints in that area. You can take them from light and casual to a more defined look. I recommend that you use them with other colors for a more dramatic and smokey look. There is also a blush and bronze in the cube but they are really small so they would be best as eye shadows. They have the same qualities. There are two lip glosses in the cube also and they are good. They taste sweet and look real pretty. Hence the name “Sugar” cosmetics. I got both products at Marshall’s for less than $5 a piece. No Kidding. So go take advantage of your “Shoppertunity“.