I have officially been MAC’d

I took a trip to the mall looking for a sale I had read about in the paper. On my way to the store that was having the sale I passed by a MAC store. I went in and I was in heaven. This was the cleanest cosmetics store I had ever been in. The MA immediately came to me and asked if I needed help with anything and I told her this was my first time and that I had never used the brand. She then asked me what kind of look was I going for and I told her just an everyday neutral face. She asked me about 20 questions about my skin and my lifestyle and about what kind of time I have to do my makeup or skincare. She basically wanted to know how the look would fit into my life. This I found very interesting. Because most salespeople don’t care why you want it as long as they make a sale. So her listening to me made me feel good about being there and not like I didn’t belong. 

She gave me a wipe and asked me to remove my makeup and she asked what was I currently using. I told her bare minerals. She said that she could see that my skin is dry and the mineral makeup was not helping me at all. When I took off my makeup she said my skin looked better without it. I knew then I was in the right place. For about 15 seconds she assessed my face and skin then she went off like the road runner gathering products. I got scared because I had never seen an associate at any store move that fast. 
After I finished removing my makeup in the mirror she showed me to a seat at a counter full of products. She then took a deep breath, asked me was I comfortable and then showed me what she had and what she was going to do. She started on my face and explained every product and what it did. She even showed me some complimentary product and alternatives to what she was using on me that would help my dry skin. 
This girl was awesome. She spoke to me in a great tone and plain English that I could understand every thing. I was blown away. I had never experienced such excellent customer service before in my life. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by the surroundings but after service like that I feel right at home in the MAC store.
I actually bought every single product she used on my face except a lipstick. I didn’t even think twice or regret it when I left the store. I looked great and I got a million compliments. I was floored. I had my doubts about MAC. Obviously they take great care of their customers. I should know I am one.