A little something for myself.

Lately when I go shopping I have been looking for things for myself. I have found a few products I have been waiting to try and today is my review on those things.

One is the Orgasm/Laguna blush duo. I love it. It is so sweet on the face and I like the glow look for the summer. I got this one at Sephora and I love it so much. This will be my personal blush and I am not putting it in my kit. I like it so much I am keeping it to myself for myself. It is really pretty and it goes great with my skin tone. that is a plus. The Laguna bronzer is just as beautiful it gives even more of a glow to the face. I love the two in combination. I also used the orgasm as an eyeshadow for a quickie and it looked so pretty. I can’t believe I waited so long to try this one. I see why it is raved about so much.
Another product is the 360 palette by Sephora. I like this one too it is so pretty and I love the simple design of it. It just opens up and everything you need for a full color face is there. All of the products in the palette are good quality. Just as all things Sephora. As always customer service was excellent. I am so indecisive and the Associate convinced me the first time. I guess I really wanted what I got or I was won over by a friendly smile and a patient soul.
I also went to CVS since they were having a sale on Revlon buy one get one free on foundations, powders, and blushes. So I stocked up on that. I got another color stay and powder. I love this too. I can’t say it’s better than MAC but is pretty close. I use it a lot now. I am glad that the formula and tone vary just like we do from dark in summer to light in winter.
I also stopped by the dollar store to get a few things and I am glad to see that LA COLORS is making more and more new products. Great for someone who wants to try something and not spend a fortune.
Out of all of the products I got. I must say that the Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift surprised me the most. It comes in a lipstick form but is very sheer and I like that. I actually does what it says and plumps and conditions the lips.
So ladies I know it is coming close to Fathers Day (June 21) but don’t forget about yourself. Stay gorgeous.