New Drama in Momma hood

So I have been given the gift of a son. God has not given me enough patience to deal with the family that wants to tell me what and how to raise my son. I have had enough of the visits and all the advice, some of it stupid, that everyone brings. Not to mention the old school remedies that now a days will get child welfare services knocking on your door. I love my fam, don’t get me wrong but they have gone overboard with the ( what they call) help. Now is the time I just want to enjoy my baby while he is a baby. I am not going yo stress myself out about pleasing them or doing what they want or dress him up in the outfit they bought just because. I have to do what can make my routine easy for me. I am always on the go and I now have to fit in a baby to my going. That alone ain’t easy and the fam is getting in the way. Some advice they gave me does work so thanks for that.
I get a lot of help from my husband. I had to help him over his fear of hurting the baby because he is so small (according to him) I told him he wouldn’t hurt him. After about 3 weeks he was changing diapers and warming bottles like a pro. I thank God for him. I love being a mother but I am a bit of a worry wart. I get up in the night to make sure the baby is okay in his crib. I take his pulse a couple of times a day. I was checking his temp every 8 hours. I count his respirations sometimes. I listen to his heart when he’s asleep. I think that all these things signify a mental condition that I have aptly named “MommyPhobia”. I have gotten over a few but not all of the OCD I have about my baby.
Sometimes I wonder what kind of favour I have in heaven to have such blessings on earth.