My foundation woes

          Foundation has been a tricky thing for me. I have been searching for a long time for a good foundation. I have tried many from high end to dollar store and I have found a few that actually make the cut. My foundation journey started when I was eighteen. I had a little acne in high school. I never really wore much makeup besides eyeliner and mascara and a little lip gloss. Back then I didn’t feel like I needed any coverage I mostly used a tinted moisturizer and call it a day. Then I suddenly got interested in foundation and what it does for you. I researched a lot of magazines and Internet to find out the truth about foundation. There wasn’t much then on the subject. When I turned 25 I really wanted more. I wanted my skin to look flawless and I knew I was missing something. So I went to the library and checked out books on the subject of makeup. My favorite book is “The Power of Makeup” by Trish McEvoy. I still read this book over and over and each time it refreshes my mind about makeup. We always wonder about what society and trends we never take the time to be realistic about our lifestyles and how makeup fits into that.
          Finally I found the solution to my dilemma. I started with Covergirl. I tried every foundation and none did what I wanted and most of all they weren’t my color.(before the queen collection).The deepest shade I could find was tawny and I was darker than that. Then I tried Black Opal. It was too red and I am and olive/ yellow tone. So that made me turn away from them. Then I tried what was at my beauty supply at the time and I thought it was the right shade until one day, I got all made up to go somewhere and looked at myself in the rear-view, (the one mirror that will never lie) and I looked like a ghost. I was ready to give up.
I saw an infomercial about Bare Minerals. The next day I was watching QVC and there it was, a nine piece grand collection. I ordered two. One for a friend at the time. I fell in love. I used that collection down to the last drop. A girlfriend of mine told me about a Sephora that had just opened and I looked them up in the phone book. I called my local Sephora and asked if they carried it. They said yes and the next day I had my starter kit. I used that until the bottom of the jar, which, by the way, lasted me a year and a half. I was hooked and the most addicting thing is the Buxom lip polishes. They feel so good on your lips. You will crave them when you don’t have them. I love everything Bare Minerals.
I wasn’t quite converted from liquid foundation yet though. I was still searching for the right one for me. I felt it was unfair to convert to minerals when I hadn’t had a true liquid. I had to at least give it a try. I found out about MAC. I was fascinated with all the products they offered. I carefully did my research and followed the advice of many of my fellow you tubers telling me to go with a list because MAC’s makeup artists will sell you the whole store if you let them. So I went in got color matched and then pulled out my list. I was in love with Studio Fix powder and liquid foundation. A first because powder usually makes me drier since I have dry skin. I also bought a primer, moisturizer and a mineralized blush. Have used then all up except for the blush, and I went back and purchased a mineralized skin finish. I will repurchase MAC products. I love them, they wear great and stand up to my hectic schedule.
Later on I heard a little buzz about Revlon Color stay and people were comparing it to Studio Fix fluid. So I had to try it and I must say it does give it a run for it’s money. You can achieve the same coverage and result without the price or the hard core matte formulation. I use Revlon Color stay daily. It is my every day foundation and I love it.
A few honorable mentions are Covergirl queen collection and Iman stick foundation. Whatever foundation you choose for every day or special occasion make sure it is right for you and blend, blend, blend. Work it honey. You only live once.

XOXO Ms. Dee