Product Rave: Maybelline Fit Me foundation

I will be the first to admit when something is good and tell the whole wide world when it isn’t. Maybelline has come out with a few good foundations but none of them have done me any justice until now. The new Maybelline Fit Me foundation is awesome. I have very dry skin so I am always looking for a foundation that will moisturize as well as cover and this foundation did that for me. It is light and creamy. It gives me a flawless glow and it doesn’t feel like I have a ton of makeup on. I couldn’t believe that a drugstore foundation was this great. It made me so happy when I first put it on. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. It made my skin smooth and velvety. I cannot live without this foundation now. I use it everyday now and it is always on my dresser or in my makeup bag.
There is nothing that I can say bad about this liquid foundation besides the fact that it is not long wearing. Which is something that I don’t need everyday. I am not being followed by TMZ I’m just a mom and a wife who wants to look good. Finally, I have found a foundation that does what I want it to and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
If you have oily skin this one might not be right for you. It is dewy and it doesn’t mattify. So, the coverage is medium and build able. It isn’t sticky or cakey. I set it sometimes wit the MAC Mineralized Skin finish Natural but I don’t use it all the time. The foundation dries smooth so for me there is no reason to really set it. I like the dewy natural finish. I have been searching for a good foundation for so long and all the money that I have spent on department store brands, particularly MAC and Sephora, I can’t even believe that I found a drugstore brand that does better than those. It is amazing. Especially since I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin. I have not had one single breakout or anything and didn’t need paint thinner to wash my face. It comes off easily with any cleanser you use.
Everything that this foundation claims, it does and that’s a first. Makeup companies have made us a lot of empty promises and now Maybelline is keeping theirs. I would recommend this to a friend. I have already repurchased and stocked up while the price is reasonable. It is great for everyday but not for special occasions when you will be photographed because of the SPF 18. To all of my dry skinned sisters out there give this foundation a try. It just might do for you what it has done for me which has made my life a whole lot easier. Now I can proudly wear my foundation everyday and not fear the outcome of breakouts, cakiness, or just looking like a corpse.