Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick

I have been racking up on lipsticks the past few weeks. It seems like everywhere I turn there is a sale going on somewhere. I have tried a few new lipsticks I want to rave about.

Maybelline Color Sensational – The Pearls

These lipsticks in my opinion are awesome. They aren’t long wearing but they have a good payoff and they are smooth and creamy. Very soft on the lips and very affordable. I do not have one complaint about these lipstick and have added five of them to my makeup collection. They are the softest, the smoothest and the prettiest lipstick I have ever tried.

Rimmel London

This lipstick surprised me. I did not expect them to be creamy and long wearing. They have an excellent color payoff. I was pleasantly surprised at the smell. It isn’t so strong you can’t wear them but it is a bit of a sweet scent. It might bother some people but not me. I enjoyed the scent of these actually. I also liked the feel of them. They are really creamy and opaque. That was my only downer with this one is that it needed gloss. If you wear it alone it would sort of dry out your lips. Other than that, this one is great.
Rimmel London Moisture Renew
My favorite out of the Rimmel London lip family. This is a sheer lipstick and very moisturizing. It doesn’t need gloss but it could use more color. This is a try me kind of lipstick. Not much color but more like an introductory lipstick. I wore this one every day for about a week and almost went through half of the product. You have to reapply this one a lot because it is so sheer. If you want to try a lipstick for the first time without the drama of too much color, this is the lipstick for you.
Revlon Colorburst
Saving the best for last. I got two of these lipsticks from CVS for about $1.75 a piece. They were 75% off. This is a lipstick I wanted to try but wouldn’t pay full price for now that I have two that I bought on sale and have been able to try them for a while I love it. This line has lots of shades and finishes. Like Maybelline it gives you a wide variety but better quality. I would almost compare these to MAC the way they are formulated and pigmented. I don’t know if Revlon knows it or not but, they are giving a lot of companies a hard time when it comes to quality. Revlon is making changes and I like it. Give them a chance and they will take over the entire makeup industry.