Baby Blues: One year Later

My son will be a year old on May 21. I have had one hell of a ride this past year with him. He has made me pray for more patience and peace than the Pope. I love my son very much but I never thought that it would be so hard. I have taken care of everyone else’s kids and now that I have my own I almost lost my mind. I didn’t have much outside help. My husband and I figured it out on our own.
I had to make a budget, keep a list, and inventory baby supplies by the week for the first three months. After that, all that was left was to learn the baby and what his different crys meant and what he wanted. Now my little angel has a personality of his own and he likes to have his things a certain way. I don’t regret a minute of my life with my son and I thank God for him and will celebrate his birthday with a bang.
I want my son to have a wonderful first birthday. I just wish that someone would have given me a fair warning of what I was about to get into.