NARS Casino Bronzer Review

NARS is known worldwide for their blushes and multiples but I think the bronzers have gotten the short end of the stick. Especially when it comes to women of color. Not many of their products are for our skin tones. So much so that they have only just introduced brown skinned models to their website ads and videos.
Have no fear because I have one product that works for the women of my culture. Casino bronzer is a darker brown with a hint of red undertone. It works great for a bronzer on my skin tone (NC50) and lighter. I love this bronzer. I have purchased it twice in four years. Yes, it lasts that long. It is finely milled and feels like silk on the skin. It’s not ashy or grey and it looks so natural in daylight and photography. It only takes a little to achieve a great contour and bronze.
I had the problem of finding the right bronzer for my skin tone for so many years until I stumbled over this in Sephora, literally. Someone had dropped one on the floor and I stumbled across it. I even got it for 40% off because it was damaged and the last one they had left. Thankfully it was in tact when I got it home and I used it all to the pan. It gives such a beautiful glow to the skin as an all over bronzer and it is a satin.
This is one product I know all of my sisters will love as well as tan and olive skin tones. Across the board this is an awesome bronzer.