I’m back in theHappy Planner

So usually I don’t buy a planner after July but I was so tempted to get one. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and the ladies on there had their planners so pretty and uniquely customized and mine had been sitting on the shelf for a while. I finally got up enough nerve to go to my local Walmart that now carries happy planner products. I purchase the happy planner vertical and a happy notes notebook. I also purchased some pens and highlighters but that goes with the territory.

As soon as I got home, as tired as I was from working all night, I immediately started setting up my planner. I have a few sections in my planner that aren’t exactly set in stone. I don’t know whether I want to keep my planner in this order or switch around for convenience. Right now the way my planter is set up I’m giving it a go for a couple of weeks to see how I like the way I set it up, to see if it will be good for me, and to find out whether or not I had the right idea by purchasing another planner.

I would love to add a home section to my planner. The happy planner does make a home extension pack that I am looking forward to purchasing. The new extension pack actually has chores laid out for each week, month, and day. I’ve enjoyed everything that the happy planner has made so far. Me and my big Ideas has done a great job with all of the creative aspects of the happy planner. I am very pleased with the quality of the paper, the size of the classic size planner, and the customization of it.

The happy planner is so versatile. You can add as much as your discs can hold or you can have the bare-bones planner and still have a lot of creative inspiration. My planner is currently Franken planned. I have the oh so lovely vertical layout and I have the happy mom planner combined into one. I also have a happy notes notebook that I have deconstructed and added into my planner for extra journaling and Faith planning. So far I like the way that I have the planner setup. It looks good it’s all very functional which is my style but I do like a little pop of creativity and decor. The happy planner is known for its very creative and colorful style and that’s what I initially bought a happy planner for back in 2014.

Since I’ve had the happy planner it has served its purpose in my life by not only giving me a creative outlet but also keeping me organized which in turn keeps me sane. I also love the way I can customize my planner to just totally fit me. Even though it’s a store-bought planner it’s a premade planner I can still customize it to fit me and everything that I need on a day-to-day basis and I love that.

Here are a few pictures of my planner and how I have it set up but I’m going to do a video of a walk through in my planner to explain more in depth about what I have turned my happy planner into.