Time for the “Glow Up”

Hey, my loves.

This is my current everyday makeup routine. I like to keep it simple but glam and I’m showing you my technique. I only use a few products to achieve the look I want.

Products Used:
Primer: Elf poreless primer and Primer spray by Jackie Cosmetics
Foundation: L’Oreal Fresh wear 24hr foundation
Concealer: Milani Conceal and perfect concealer
Powder: Absolute NY loose powder in the color Banana
Bronzer: Kat Von D Lock it foundation powder in deep 66
Blush and Highlight: Becca x Chrissy palette
(Hibiscus bloom and Peach Nectar)
Mascara: Maybelline Total Temptation in blackest black
Eyeliner used: Mac Pro liner in Black Ice
Lip Combo: Avon Glimmerstick lipliner in Chocolate and Buxom full-on lip polish in Nelly
Eye Brows: La Girl shady slim pencil in Dark Brown

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Figuring out what it is that you really want.

I understand how hard it is to figure out just what you really want. What you want out of life, your relationship, your career, even raising your kids. For most people, myself included, it is hard to map out an “end game”. Meaning, what you want the end game to be.

I had a hard time figuring out what I really wanted. I had to think long and hard about my goals with everything. My “end game” had to support me some type of way. I had to be the winner in the end. That “winner” mentality sent me spinning out of control because I never put me first. I never thought about me and what I wanted. It was all about what everyone else wanted or needed, never about me.

I found out quickly that no one knows what they want but, the common denominator in it all was me. I was the root of everything. I was the kids mom and I had to eventually phase myself out of a job so they can conduct themselves independently. So that has become my job. I am raising them so that they won’t need me so much and can do for themselves.

Believe me when I tell you that I felt guilty about this at first. I felt like a horrible mom because I had given my kids structure and discipline and all they wanted to do was play. I quickly got over that. They showed me that they wanted to learn and help. I sure was fooled. I just knew that I would get some type of push back or conflict. Surprisingly, There was none. I am so glad I pushed myself there. Now my kids have a routine that they love and I have less work to do.

My relationship was next on the list. Of course, I consulted my husband on this and asked him what he wanted. We ended up wanting the very same thing and came up with a plan to achieve that goal together. Now that, I really did not for-see. I thought that at least he would give me some flack or a lame excuse but, there was none. Now we are on a clear path and walking in it together as one. I could not be more happy.

My career was next on the agenda and let me tell you that was a hard one. I’m currently a stay at home mom. I have a few social media platforms that I post content to and I love it. I get a revenue from it and that helps to pay the bills. In my opinion, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

I also have a couple of successful businesses and we are financially stable because of them. I love working for myself. What I have been doing was working well so we are not going to re invent the wheel just give it a new direction.

For you, these things may be a little harder to sort out. Don’t worry. You will get to the point where I am now. You’ll know exactly what you want and how to get there. Don’t be afraid to pull out a pen and paper to map everything out. That also helps to gain clarity. When you begin to see everything clear, you can figure out where to go from here.

Don’t be afraid to let some things go. I had to learn that the hard way. Letting go of what clutters your life is the first step to making room for what you really want. No one holds on to their trash from day to day so why keep holding on to the trash in your life. It will lift some weight off of your shoulders and you will be glad you did.

Take into account you and what you need. Everything around you should make you happy. Like Marie Condo says, it should spark joy. When you get clear on what you really want and make a plan to get there you add intention to your life. That brings a worthwhile feeling into your brain. Your subconscious will feed on this positive energy and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

You have the power and it is waiting on you to see it and use it. Get your life organized and get your plans in place so you can grow and prosper.

How to get what you really want

We all have a vision of how we want our lives. How to obtain all that we seek is a different story. Many of us feel like what we really want in life is not obtainable but the truth is that you can really have it all.

You can have your dream job. You can have your dream family. You can have your dream lifestyle. You just have to create it.

Yes, you have to create the life you want, the relationship you want, the job you want. These things take root in your mind and for some they lie dormant waiting on a miracle to happen so they can unfold. The truth is that the miracle already happened. Now you have to act.

If you’re reading this, that means that you are alive and well. You have life and breath in your body. The creator has placed your feet on this earth and you have power that you haven’t even tapped into yet.

Do you really think that a marvelous creator wouldn’t give you the power to create?

You have so much power to change and re arrange your life and your circumstances and all you have to do is ask, believe, and receive with gratitude. Every thing that you want in life is at your fingertips.

Don’t just let life happen to you, create the life you want and enjoy every moment. Speak love, joy, and prosperity into your life and watch how things start to change and turn around.

From money to peace you have the power to speak it into your life. Do what makes you happy. Love life and every minute of it and watch it love you right back.

The universe is waiting on you. Make a move and give it a nudge in the right direction.

The Hard Truth

Self Esteem is a tough issue for a lot of people. We are not mentally prepared to take a hard look at ourselves and think critically about who we are and what we represent. Our value or our worth is based upon what other people need or want from us.

What most of us have not realized yet, is that the person we see in the mirror every day is our true hero. You have the tools to change who and what you are at any point in time. You can save yourself and the direction your life is going in.

We are always waiting on something or someone to save us and the reality is that the savior is you. That idea that you have, the invention you are thinking of, even the book you want to write, all of those things are coming to you for a reason.

You have to trust that if God gives you an idea that he will certainly give you the tools to bring that idea into existence. Trust your gut and go for it. There are lessons and a blessing on the journey. All you have to do is make the first step. Jump into your future without fear or worry. There is something great waiting for you at the end.

We center our lives around other people as if our life belongs to them and not us. Who are you really living for? Are you even living at all? Do you feel like something is missing?

Make the first step to a better life and a better future. Step into your destiny with confidence and clarity. You know exactly what you have to do. Get started. Make a move and don’t look back, I know it seems scary. I know you’re afraid. Everything awesome in life happens on the other side of fear.

Take control of your life and your future. Get out there and make something happen. The universe is waiting to give you your heart’s desire.

Give yourself a break

Often times we are hard on ourselves. We rant and stew in all of our assumed shortcomings and disappointments. Your brain will always fool you into thinking that what you are doing on a daily basis isn’t good enough. The question is, “Good enough for who?” Whose standards are we judging our life by? Whose plan for our life are we going by?

Most of the time we are judging ourselves through the eyes of others. That is a crappy way of viewing yourself. Other people judge us based on their own insecurities. Their view of themselves is greatly skewed by another person’s impression upon them and they are now making this impression upon you. All impressions and ideas, in this case, are false.

You are not what people say about you. You are not what people think about you. You don’t have to be what others want you to be. You don’t have to live up to the unrealistic model that people want you to reach. Your life is in your hands. You have the final say in your portrait of who you are and what you want to do with your life. Give yourself a break!

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and they make each and every one of us unique individuals. Stop being hard on yourself and letting other people lay their criticism at your doorstep. You are only living for you. You are only competing with You. You only need to make You happy.

The minute you realize, accept and implement this, your life and your insight will be so much better. Your mind will clear and you can focus on what really matters, You.