Covergirl Queen 3-in-1 foundation review

I had been hearing a lot about this foundation but couldn’t get my hands on it for a while. I finally got to try it and it was definitely a hunt for this product. At first I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this foundation since I already have Revlon Color stay and the MAC Pro Long wear. I figured it would just be another long wear foundation. I was pleasantly surprised. This foundation was beautiful and it applied and blended like silk. It gave my skin the most beautiful finish and it wasn’t completely matte. It is so velvety on the skin. I was amazed at the finish and the texture. I can’t say anything bad about this foundation. I didn’t even need a powder with it/

It has a lot of claims but the one I disagree with doesn’t apply to the queen collection formula it applies to the formula in the regular line which says that it has a built in concealer. I did have to use a touch of concealer with this but not much. It’s not heavy and it doesn’t have a smell like some long wearing foundations do. I must say that I find myself reaching for this one every day. The color match is awesome I had no problem finding my perfect shade. The best price I found was at Wal-Mart and it was less than ten dollars with a coupon. So if you are wondering about this foundation, I would recommend you give it a try. I have dry skin and it works well on me. My mom has oily skin and it works great on her too. I have also used this on some of my clients and they love it as well. It lasts all day, it’s not heavy and it is buildable and bendable. This one gets two thumbs up for me.


Maybelline Vivid lipstick review

I recently purchased 2 Maybelline vivid lipsticks from Walmart. I have always loved Maybelline lip sticks I think they are so beautiful and creamy and for Maybelline to come out with a vivid collection I think that is so awesome. I love Mabelline products. I have been using their BB cream since it came out. And I love it. So when they came up with a new lip sticks I was floored. I’ve already had an ample collection of their color sensational lip sticks and they are awesome. So new colors in the same formula that were bold and beautiful I couldn’t pass them up. I only have two. I didn’t want to purchase lipsticks that I wouldn’t wear. So I got Plum and Rose. Those were the 2 that was the most wearable for me. The whole collection is beautiful. These lipsticks have so much pigmentation. If you love bright lipstick ythis is a collection for you. These lipsticks are beautiful and affordable and they feel good on the lips. If you love Maybelline lipstick then you will love this collection. These lipsticks are about 4 dollars and 99 cents. Walmart and Target have the best price. If you would like to try the bright lipstick but not pay a hefty price then you will love this collection. There are 10 shades in the collection. They all have the honey nectar. They feel so good on the lips. And the honey nectar give them a beautiful glossy shine. They do not disappoint when it comes to the color. The packaging is beautiful they are light and they don’t fall apart. I have nothing bad to say about any of the lip sticks or their texture. These lipsticks however, are not compatible to Mac lipsticks. The are only a cheaper substitution. If you would like to try these lipsticks I recommend you do. You will not be disappointed by the lipstick or the price. Get ready for this season’s hottest colors. Spring and summer will be full of bright lipstick and bright clothes. Maybelline is at the head of the class with this one.

Revlon nearly naked first impressions

Today I use the Revlon nearly naked foundation. I find a sound ation to be really light, I really do we, and just a beautiful finish overall. I really like this foundation because I have dry skin and it is perfect for my dry skin. Revlon also came out with a matching power to the foundation but I didn’t purchase it because I have so many already. I’ve been wearing just found a shin for about a week I bought it last Saturday at CVS Pharmacy. The price was 10 dollars and 99 cents. I use an extra bucks coupon for 5 dollars off so it only cost me 6 dollars. When I put on the first layer of foundation I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be enough so I only put on for my second layer about half of what I put on for the first layer and it was perfect. My first impressions on the foundation is that it has a beautiful finish. It applies like a dream it is so creamy and smooth any gifts you ski in a beautiful glow but not with shimmer and you don’t look Wally. It makes your skin look so beautiful in daylight in the inside light in artificial light you just look so beautiful I cannot compare the foundation to anything else that I have it is so gorgeous I’ve never seen a foundation do so well on your skin. I absolutely love this. The foundation covers to a medium coverage with 2 layers. What the foundation didn’t cover I only use a light layer of concealer for. I am pleasantly surprised at how light the foundation is. Revlon didn’t awesome job and I love this foundation. I think this foundation is best suited for normal to dry combination skin. I set my foundation with Mac mineralize skinfinish. This foundation gets at least 6 to 8 hours of wear. With a good primer I’m sure it will get you more time. If you are thinking about trying this foundation I recommend you do. It is an awesome foundation and it has an excellent price. It is about 20 dollars less than the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I have heard it compare to that foundation many times but I do not have that foundation to compare it to. I love this foundation and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a medium coverage with the light feel.

Anticipating my Mac haul.

Today I ordered some products for mac and I am so anticipating my package is in the mail. I haven’t ordered anything from experience Christmas and it was a mineralize skinfinish natural. Like I said before that powder last me a whole year. This time when I place my order I ordered some blushes and lipsticks which I desperately need. As I’ve said in the past I know that Mac products are expensive but, the are well worth the money. Mac has amazing foundations, blush, lipstick, and skin. I only own 6 products from Mac. And I tend to use them everyday. The new collections that they have are beautiful products I unfortunstely have not been able to get my hands on any. Take advantage of the free shipping and order now. If you love Mac the way I do you are going to be so upset when you cannot get any of the new collections. Now is the time. We have always taken care of our families ladies, now it is time to take care of our self.  what better way to take care of us then to treat ourselves to something new.

Blush baby

I love to play and experiment with my makeup. All day I would try on new looks and try new techniques. The one thing that scared me was blush. I would always relate blush to a clown or some type of comedy character. One day I saw a lady with the most beautiful cheekbones. I asked her how did she get that look, and she smiled and said “blush baby”. Ever since that day I have been obsessed with blush. All colors, types, textures, and finishes. I have a few favorite brands and favorite colors in that brand. As an african-american I must spread the word on what looks great on us and where you can get it.
First, Tarte, Amazonian clay blushes. So far all of them have been a hit. They last like they say and are beautiful on all skin tones. They really do last 12 hours.
NARS blush, a cult favorite, has great blushes too. All of them are not color friendly. My fave from this brand is Dulce Vita, Sin, and Casino bronzer. These are always my go to blushes and bronzer.
MAC, also a cult. favorite, has great blushes too. They are the cheapest of high end in blush but not in quality and selection. If you can’t find the perfect blush there, you are just not human. I love ALL of MAC’s blushes. I have many and can never hit pan because I rotate between them so much.
The thing to remember when choosing a blush is;
– look for a color close to your natural flush
– consider when and where you will wear it (out,work,school, etc.)
– consider your budget (how much do you want to pay)
Blush can really enhance your look. So don’t be afraid, go ahead and blush baby.

Baby Blues: One year Later

My son will be a year old on May 21. I have had one hell of a ride this past year with him. He has made me pray for more patience and peace than the Pope. I love my son very much but I never thought that it would be so hard. I have taken care of everyone else’s kids and now that I have my own I almost lost my mind. I didn’t have much outside help. My husband and I figured it out on our own.
I had to make a budget, keep a list, and inventory baby supplies by the week for the first three months. After that, all that was left was to learn the baby and what his different crys meant and what he wanted. Now my little angel has a personality of his own and he likes to have his things a certain way. I don’t regret a minute of my life with my son and I thank God for him and will celebrate his birthday with a bang.
I want my son to have a wonderful first birthday. I just wish that someone would have given me a fair warning of what I was about to get into.

Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick

I have been racking up on lipsticks the past few weeks. It seems like everywhere I turn there is a sale going on somewhere. I have tried a few new lipsticks I want to rave about.

Maybelline Color Sensational – The Pearls

These lipsticks in my opinion are awesome. They aren’t long wearing but they have a good payoff and they are smooth and creamy. Very soft on the lips and very affordable. I do not have one complaint about these lipstick and have added five of them to my makeup collection. They are the softest, the smoothest and the prettiest lipstick I have ever tried.

Rimmel London

This lipstick surprised me. I did not expect them to be creamy and long wearing. They have an excellent color payoff. I was pleasantly surprised at the smell. It isn’t so strong you can’t wear them but it is a bit of a sweet scent. It might bother some people but not me. I enjoyed the scent of these actually. I also liked the feel of them. They are really creamy and opaque. That was my only downer with this one is that it needed gloss. If you wear it alone it would sort of dry out your lips. Other than that, this one is great.
Rimmel London Moisture Renew
My favorite out of the Rimmel London lip family. This is a sheer lipstick and very moisturizing. It doesn’t need gloss but it could use more color. This is a try me kind of lipstick. Not much color but more like an introductory lipstick. I wore this one every day for about a week and almost went through half of the product. You have to reapply this one a lot because it is so sheer. If you want to try a lipstick for the first time without the drama of too much color, this is the lipstick for you.
Revlon Colorburst
Saving the best for last. I got two of these lipsticks from CVS for about $1.75 a piece. They were 75% off. This is a lipstick I wanted to try but wouldn’t pay full price for now that I have two that I bought on sale and have been able to try them for a while I love it. This line has lots of shades and finishes. Like Maybelline it gives you a wide variety but better quality. I would almost compare these to MAC the way they are formulated and pigmented. I don’t know if Revlon knows it or not but, they are giving a lot of companies a hard time when it comes to quality. Revlon is making changes and I like it. Give them a chance and they will take over the entire makeup industry.

Product Rave: Maybelline Fit Me foundation

I will be the first to admit when something is good and tell the whole wide world when it isn’t. Maybelline has come out with a few good foundations but none of them have done me any justice until now. The new Maybelline Fit Me foundation is awesome. I have very dry skin so I am always looking for a foundation that will moisturize as well as cover and this foundation did that for me. It is light and creamy. It gives me a flawless glow and it doesn’t feel like I have a ton of makeup on. I couldn’t believe that a drugstore foundation was this great. It made me so happy when I first put it on. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. It made my skin smooth and velvety. I cannot live without this foundation now. I use it everyday now and it is always on my dresser or in my makeup bag.
There is nothing that I can say bad about this liquid foundation besides the fact that it is not long wearing. Which is something that I don’t need everyday. I am not being followed by TMZ I’m just a mom and a wife who wants to look good. Finally, I have found a foundation that does what I want it to and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
If you have oily skin this one might not be right for you. It is dewy and it doesn’t mattify. So, the coverage is medium and build able. It isn’t sticky or cakey. I set it sometimes wit the MAC Mineralized Skin finish Natural but I don’t use it all the time. The foundation dries smooth so for me there is no reason to really set it. I like the dewy natural finish. I have been searching for a good foundation for so long and all the money that I have spent on department store brands, particularly MAC and Sephora, I can’t even believe that I found a drugstore brand that does better than those. It is amazing. Especially since I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin. I have not had one single breakout or anything and didn’t need paint thinner to wash my face. It comes off easily with any cleanser you use.
Everything that this foundation claims, it does and that’s a first. Makeup companies have made us a lot of empty promises and now Maybelline is keeping theirs. I would recommend this to a friend. I have already repurchased and stocked up while the price is reasonable. It is great for everyday but not for special occasions when you will be photographed because of the SPF 18. To all of my dry skinned sisters out there give this foundation a try. It just might do for you what it has done for me which has made my life a whole lot easier. Now I can proudly wear my foundation everyday and not fear the outcome of breakouts, cakiness, or just looking like a corpse.

My foundation woes

          Foundation has been a tricky thing for me. I have been searching for a long time for a good foundation. I have tried many from high end to dollar store and I have found a few that actually make the cut. My foundation journey started when I was eighteen. I had a little acne in high school. I never really wore much makeup besides eyeliner and mascara and a little lip gloss. Back then I didn’t feel like I needed any coverage I mostly used a tinted moisturizer and call it a day. Then I suddenly got interested in foundation and what it does for you. I researched a lot of magazines and Internet to find out the truth about foundation. There wasn’t much then on the subject. When I turned 25 I really wanted more. I wanted my skin to look flawless and I knew I was missing something. So I went to the library and checked out books on the subject of makeup. My favorite book is “The Power of Makeup” by Trish McEvoy. I still read this book over and over and each time it refreshes my mind about makeup. We always wonder about what society and trends we never take the time to be realistic about our lifestyles and how makeup fits into that.
          Finally I found the solution to my dilemma. I started with Covergirl. I tried every foundation and none did what I wanted and most of all they weren’t my color.(before the queen collection).The deepest shade I could find was tawny and I was darker than that. Then I tried Black Opal. It was too red and I am and olive/ yellow tone. So that made me turn away from them. Then I tried what was at my beauty supply at the time and I thought it was the right shade until one day, I got all made up to go somewhere and looked at myself in the rear-view, (the one mirror that will never lie) and I looked like a ghost. I was ready to give up.
I saw an infomercial about Bare Minerals. The next day I was watching QVC and there it was, a nine piece grand collection. I ordered two. One for a friend at the time. I fell in love. I used that collection down to the last drop. A girlfriend of mine told me about a Sephora that had just opened and I looked them up in the phone book. I called my local Sephora and asked if they carried it. They said yes and the next day I had my starter kit. I used that until the bottom of the jar, which, by the way, lasted me a year and a half. I was hooked and the most addicting thing is the Buxom lip polishes. They feel so good on your lips. You will crave them when you don’t have them. I love everything Bare Minerals.
I wasn’t quite converted from liquid foundation yet though. I was still searching for the right one for me. I felt it was unfair to convert to minerals when I hadn’t had a true liquid. I had to at least give it a try. I found out about MAC. I was fascinated with all the products they offered. I carefully did my research and followed the advice of many of my fellow you tubers telling me to go with a list because MAC’s makeup artists will sell you the whole store if you let them. So I went in got color matched and then pulled out my list. I was in love with Studio Fix powder and liquid foundation. A first because powder usually makes me drier since I have dry skin. I also bought a primer, moisturizer and a mineralized blush. Have used then all up except for the blush, and I went back and purchased a mineralized skin finish. I will repurchase MAC products. I love them, they wear great and stand up to my hectic schedule.
Later on I heard a little buzz about Revlon Color stay and people were comparing it to Studio Fix fluid. So I had to try it and I must say it does give it a run for it’s money. You can achieve the same coverage and result without the price or the hard core matte formulation. I use Revlon Color stay daily. It is my every day foundation and I love it.
A few honorable mentions are Covergirl queen collection and Iman stick foundation. Whatever foundation you choose for every day or special occasion make sure it is right for you and blend, blend, blend. Work it honey. You only live once.

XOXO Ms. Dee

Happy New Year, Let’s talk Makeup.

Happy New Year to all my friends, family, and Internet friends. Let’s talk makeup to begin with. I noticed that I was being a little daring during the end of the year. I went out a bunch of times without makeup. I mean really without a stitch of makeup at all. Sometimes I was so busy I went out with my hair tied up a lot too. What I realized is that I needed to break down my makeup routine so that I could look good and get out of the house, with a 7 month old. I am a new mother and I generally am doing the same makeup I was doing before I was pregnant and I just don’t have the time. When I was awake until 2 a.m. trying to figure out how to fit my old routine that required 30 minutes into the 10 minutes I had. So I broke it down to the bare necessities:

Primer with some brightening or light reflecting quality to play with the light.
Liquid foundation or a creamy concealer for a even quick fix.
MAC  mineralize skin finish natural to set everything with. That created a perfect bare canvas.
For dimension I use elf cool bronze for highlighting and contouring.
NARS Dulce Vita blush for a pop of color
Maybelline great lash big on my lashes, color sensational Nearly There on my lips with clear gloss and instead of liquid liner I switched to a pencil on the top lashes only  for day to day wear.

This was a hard decision for me because I always like a lot of options and always want to change up my look. I realize that my life no longer offers me the luxury of time for that. I use these products daily and I only change them from week to week. The only products I switch are my blush and lipstick, which I have never worn until now.This saves me a ton of time and keeps me sane at the same time.

Now, about the lipstick thing. I never was a lipstick girl. I was always liner and gloss but one day I decided to try a red lip. I bought Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeaux and loved it. I wore it until the end of the tube. I was hooked on Rimmel London Lipstick until I tried Maybelline Color Sensational in Plum Paradise. I was in love all over again. I loved the feel of this lipstick and the color was amazing I used it also until the end of the tube and now have a collection of not only Maybelline but Rimmel and NYC lipsticks as well. And to think all of this started when I wanted to try a red lip.These are all great lippies to try if you want to get started with a lipstick.

Another product I have converted to is Maybelline Great Lash “Big”. I never liked Maybelline great lash until now. They have given it a bigger fuller brush which was my only complaint about the mascara. Now I am in love. The maybelline great lash we all love now with a volume building brush I love it.

I am so glad to share all of this with you guys let me know what your favorites are and leave a comment. I want to hear your opinion. I will accept any and all requests also. XOXO Dee