My July Favorites

I have had a great summer and am now looking forward to a great fall. My summer makeup has had to stand the test of time and survive the elements so let me give you the products that have been with me through the summer and survived.

#1- Iman Stick and Cream to Powder foundation
#2-Revlon Photo Ready
#3- Cover girl queen collection compact makeup

#1- Nars Dulce Vita
#2- Mac Raizin

#1-Rimmel London Color Rich in Bordeaux
#2-NYC in Cafe’
#3-Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl and Plum Perfect

#1-Nars Laguna
#2-Lorac Tantalizer

#1-Revlon Color stay
#2- Avon Glimmer sticks Waterproof

These are the products I kept in my purse or my makeup bag all summer. They are long lasting, affordable and handled the Louisiana weather like champions. They are all my go to products no matter what. I love each and every one and I hope some of these are your faves too.

Iman cosmetics real life review

I was surprised recently how much buzz it has been about the Iman cosmetics line. I don’t usually try stuff because of the noise but a lot of my fellow sisters came to me and said it was good and affordable. I even heard a friend of mine who is addicted to MAC say that it was about the same so I had to try it then. I am in love with MAC myself and being a new mom on a budget I don’t have time to pack my son in this heat to the mall every time I run out of makeup. So, I took a trip to my neighborhood WalMart. They are the only one’s who carry it in my area. I had already done my research and went to the website to find my shade. So, I went in, got it, took it home and stared at it for two hours. I am hoping it was worth my while because I don’t like to waste time or money.
After I got over the initial fear I got in the mirror and started to do my face. One thing I liked was that it was oil free. I could feel that from the start. Another thing was that it finished matte and it wasn’t orange. It matched me perfectly. I started with the stick foundation. It is definitely full coverage. I like the simple convenience of it. I could swipe it on, throw it in my purse and go. I also got the liquid foundation which I started using about a week ago. It is also full coverage but not really a liquid, more like a rich mousse. I liked the feel of it and again no oil and it dried matte. I am loving this foundation right now. For Iman to match so many of our skin tones and give us quality,affordable cosmetics just for us is amazing.
There are very few cosmetics that get me excited. This one had me jumping for joy. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I can retire my MAC. I have a feeling Iman will be around a very long time. I love this makeup. If you are still on the fence about it or if you still spend $30.00 on your foundation, Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed I promise. I love it. It’s creamy. It makes your skin flawless and pretty you can’t go wrong. The only down side to this is the web site’s color match is a shade darker than the actual product. It only looks dark on the site the real shade is lighter than what you see so don’t be scared.

New Drama in Momma hood

So I have been given the gift of a son. God has not given me enough patience to deal with the family that wants to tell me what and how to raise my son. I have had enough of the visits and all the advice, some of it stupid, that everyone brings. Not to mention the old school remedies that now a days will get child welfare services knocking on your door. I love my fam, don’t get me wrong but they have gone overboard with the ( what they call) help. Now is the time I just want to enjoy my baby while he is a baby. I am not going yo stress myself out about pleasing them or doing what they want or dress him up in the outfit they bought just because. I have to do what can make my routine easy for me. I am always on the go and I now have to fit in a baby to my going. That alone ain’t easy and the fam is getting in the way. Some advice they gave me does work so thanks for that.
I get a lot of help from my husband. I had to help him over his fear of hurting the baby because he is so small (according to him) I told him he wouldn’t hurt him. After about 3 weeks he was changing diapers and warming bottles like a pro. I thank God for him. I love being a mother but I am a bit of a worry wart. I get up in the night to make sure the baby is okay in his crib. I take his pulse a couple of times a day. I was checking his temp every 8 hours. I count his respirations sometimes. I listen to his heart when he’s asleep. I think that all these things signify a mental condition that I have aptly named “MommyPhobia”. I have gotten over a few but not all of the OCD I have about my baby.
Sometimes I wonder what kind of favour I have in heaven to have such blessings on earth.


My son will be two months old on July 21, 2010. I am so happy to be a Mother, finally! I thought this would never come but no one knows God’s plan. I have the most beautiful baby boy. He was 8lbs. and 15.5 oz. when he was born. He looks just like me and his name is Corey Jr. My husband was gleaming the day he was born. I can’t believe it myself. I was really caught off guard when I found out I was pregnant. Now I can safely say that it was all worth it. And for my husband, I would do it again. He has been great. He does the diapers and the feedings. He and CJ have a little unspoken language between them that I am going to have to watch. They communicate with ESP or something. I have been getting advice from everyone and help left and right. I was also told that only happens with the first child. After that you are on your own. I am leaving a 5 year space between mine. If I decide to have another child. I am still remined by my c-section with a scar from the center of my belly to just below my navel. God has blessed me with a child, now I need some more Patience. For the child and my husband.

Countdown to a new baby

So far this experience has been scary but I have a lot of support. My family tries to make sure that I have every thing I need and that I don’t have to do anything. They treat me like I am fragile or something. I am ready to have this baby. It is taking a lot out of me to be still and not over work myself. I want to do so much but I have to think about someone other than me. Having a life inside of you is an experience within itself. I still am not used to the kicking and the moving around. I still have to keep my diabetes in check. Not just for me but for the baby.
I am excited to see what life will be like after the baby is born. My husband has the hardest time adjusting. He still hasn’t grasped the fact that we will have a baby in about 6 weeks. I can’t wait. We found out last month that we were having a boy and I was so happy. I don’t think I would be ready for a girl just yet. I would like to have one more child in five years but I will take my time getting there. It has been a while since I took care of a newborn. I haven’t forgotten anything it’s just all the new information out now and weeding through the advice of veteran moms. Wish me luck and pray that it all goes well. Starting with labor and delivery.

Nothing to fear.

The day after Thanksgiving I went to the ER for a high blood sugar reading. Patiently waiting on insulin or an IV, suddenly I was hit with the news that my blood work said that I was pregnant. Having already accepted the fact that maybe I would never have any children, I had already came to terms with the idea. This was not only a shock to me but also to my family. We had all thought I was not able to bear a child. Here I am at 29 years old and I am expecting my first child. I am terrified. Not because of the pregnancy, but on 11/27/09 I was already 14 weeks in. my whole first trimester gone and I had no Idea I was even Pregnant. No prenatal care, bad management of my type 2 diabetes not to mention I was drinking and smoking. I was horribly tormented by guilt and fear that I would miscarry or that my baby was in serious danger.

My first doctors appointment put me at ease. I got an ultrasound of a very happy baby and healthy baby. I was so relived. Now I am 17 weeks and taking it one good step at a time doing what is right and making better choices not only for me but for the baby.

I am a little embarassed though. I have cousins a little younger than me that have children school age. I feel like I am behind the pack or something.

A little something for myself.

Lately when I go shopping I have been looking for things for myself. I have found a few products I have been waiting to try and today is my review on those things.

One is the Orgasm/Laguna blush duo. I love it. It is so sweet on the face and I like the glow look for the summer. I got this one at Sephora and I love it so much. This will be my personal blush and I am not putting it in my kit. I like it so much I am keeping it to myself for myself. It is really pretty and it goes great with my skin tone. that is a plus. The Laguna bronzer is just as beautiful it gives even more of a glow to the face. I love the two in combination. I also used the orgasm as an eyeshadow for a quickie and it looked so pretty. I can’t believe I waited so long to try this one. I see why it is raved about so much.
Another product is the 360 palette by Sephora. I like this one too it is so pretty and I love the simple design of it. It just opens up and everything you need for a full color face is there. All of the products in the palette are good quality. Just as all things Sephora. As always customer service was excellent. I am so indecisive and the Associate convinced me the first time. I guess I really wanted what I got or I was won over by a friendly smile and a patient soul.
I also went to CVS since they were having a sale on Revlon buy one get one free on foundations, powders, and blushes. So I stocked up on that. I got another color stay and powder. I love this too. I can’t say it’s better than MAC but is pretty close. I use it a lot now. I am glad that the formula and tone vary just like we do from dark in summer to light in winter.
I also stopped by the dollar store to get a few things and I am glad to see that LA COLORS is making more and more new products. Great for someone who wants to try something and not spend a fortune.
Out of all of the products I got. I must say that the Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift surprised me the most. It comes in a lipstick form but is very sheer and I like that. I actually does what it says and plumps and conditions the lips.
So ladies I know it is coming close to Fathers Day (June 21) but don’t forget about yourself. Stay gorgeous.

A review on all of my new MAC


The best oil control I have ever seen. I use this powder to set my makeup and it makes me look airbrushed. I love this powder and I always apply it with a brush. 


This is a rich moisturizer that I absolutely love. It gives your skin moisture and it has the SPF sun protection. I use it after I wash my face and before I put on my face every day. I can’t think of why I used anything else. I love this moisturizer. Best of all it’s rich without being heavy and that is the best part. 


This blush is a great contouring blush. It looks shimmery and it isn’t. The shimmer in the blush makes it glow and that is what it will do to your skin, make it glow. It looks like a natural rosy glow without looking fake or costume. I love the color pay off and it stays put.


Prep + prime skin is the best primer I have found yet. It gives the skin a silky feel without drying it out. It is emollient based so it’s white instead of clear like most primers. I am so proud of this product. It does what is says. It gives your skin the little push it needs to help your makeup last all day.

This has become a true staple in my makeup wardrobe. I use this for everyday and I pair it with two other products that give it more staying power and longevity. Prep and prime and the studio Moisture fix. These products together may be a bit heavy for people with normal to oily skin but, my skin is dry and it needs every bit of moisture and balance it can get. Powder foundations are naturally dry so that’s why I pay special attention in preparing my skin. Unlike other powder foundations, the consistency of the studio fix is much more refined giving way to smoother application and a more natural feel.


I cannot say enough about this foundation. It is so lush and creamy, yet is not heavy at all. I love the coverage and the wear. It is all in the formula. It has given my skin much needed moisture and I love the finish. even without blot powder or pressed powder this foundation has the power to stand on it’s own. You will love the look of it. Especially if you have dry skin. 

I have officially been MAC’d

I took a trip to the mall looking for a sale I had read about in the paper. On my way to the store that was having the sale I passed by a MAC store. I went in and I was in heaven. This was the cleanest cosmetics store I had ever been in. The MA immediately came to me and asked if I needed help with anything and I told her this was my first time and that I had never used the brand. She then asked me what kind of look was I going for and I told her just an everyday neutral face. She asked me about 20 questions about my skin and my lifestyle and about what kind of time I have to do my makeup or skincare. She basically wanted to know how the look would fit into my life. This I found very interesting. Because most salespeople don’t care why you want it as long as they make a sale. So her listening to me made me feel good about being there and not like I didn’t belong. 

She gave me a wipe and asked me to remove my makeup and she asked what was I currently using. I told her bare minerals. She said that she could see that my skin is dry and the mineral makeup was not helping me at all. When I took off my makeup she said my skin looked better without it. I knew then I was in the right place. For about 15 seconds she assessed my face and skin then she went off like the road runner gathering products. I got scared because I had never seen an associate at any store move that fast. 
After I finished removing my makeup in the mirror she showed me to a seat at a counter full of products. She then took a deep breath, asked me was I comfortable and then showed me what she had and what she was going to do. She started on my face and explained every product and what it did. She even showed me some complimentary product and alternatives to what she was using on me that would help my dry skin. 
This girl was awesome. She spoke to me in a great tone and plain English that I could understand every thing. I was blown away. I had never experienced such excellent customer service before in my life. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by the surroundings but after service like that I feel right at home in the MAC store.
I actually bought every single product she used on my face except a lipstick. I didn’t even think twice or regret it when I left the store. I looked great and I got a million compliments. I was floored. I had my doubts about MAC. Obviously they take great care of their customers. I should know I am one.

My favorite makeup products

I am a simple girl who likes simple things. I don’t have time for a lot of fuss so I have very little in my makeup bag. I have some favorites that I would like to share with you.

Revlon Colorstay Foudation and pressed powder. These two products have given me the best complexion a girl could ever ask for. My skin looks flawless when I have it on. I would not use anything else. I am hooked on the finish. I like a matte finish but not dry looking and this product achieved that along with the staying power. I work long hours and have a lot of things to do during the day and none of them include touching up my makeup. I love the Revlon Color stay because it is afordable and worth every penny. 
Rimmel London Long lasting lipstick in Bordeaux. This was my perfect shade and I was surprised. Rimmel London does not make a lot of products so suit African American skin and lately they have stepped up their game really. I have tried their eye shadow and bronze and have been amazed at the color payoff and quality. So I guess their research is in the right place.
This lipstick is smooth going on and smooth all day. The color lasted and lasted. I literally needed soap and water to wash it off. That I find amazing. It didn’t even leave a stain like some lipsticks do. 
Sugar Cosmetics Travel tan. This is a Matte tanner or bronze should I say. It doesn’t change colors as the day wears on. It is a bronze but with a glow. I liked this as a blush and all over face color boost. The result is better seen in the sun. I promise this one won’t fail you.
Cover girl Lip gloss in Baby Girl Pink. Cover girl has been coming out with so many new formulas and products I think they should spend more time promoting what they have now which is a great company trusted for over 40 years. This lip gloss gave me the feeling of silk on my lips which is strange because most glosses get sticky and this one didn’t. That was a nice and confusing surprise. It made me wonder if it was worth it. So as usual I tested it and even bought a few and gave to my study group for comparison. All 12 ladies in my group loved it and wanted to know where it has been. I concur, the lip gloss was very good in comparison to other drugstore and some department store brands.
I think all the female population of the world has tried, used or was raised on Cover girl and the fact that they are still here is proof enough about their products and how well they do what they say. I give this gloss 14 thumbs up. One for each member of the study group and two from me. I cannot tell you how refreshing this gloss was and to have them be buy one get one free was a steal.
I hope that this review has helped you in some way to decide whether or not to try some of these products. I like them and if you are thinking of trying them go ahead. Like I always say it’s only makeup if it doesn’t look good wash it off and start over.