A little something for myself.

Lately when I go shopping I have been looking for things for myself. I have found a few products I have been waiting to try and today is my review on those things.

One is the Orgasm/Laguna blush duo. I love it. It is so sweet on the face and I like the glow look for the summer. I got this one at Sephora and I love it so much. This will be my personal blush and I am not putting it in my kit. I like it so much I am keeping it to myself for myself. It is really pretty and it goes great with my skin tone. that is a plus. The Laguna bronzer is just as beautiful it gives even more of a glow to the face. I love the two in combination. I also used the orgasm as an eyeshadow for a quickie and it looked so pretty. I can’t believe I waited so long to try this one. I see why it is raved about so much.
Another product is the 360 palette by Sephora. I like this one too it is so pretty and I love the simple design of it. It just opens up and everything you need for a full color face is there. All of the products in the palette are good quality. Just as all things Sephora. As always customer service was excellent. I am so indecisive and the Associate convinced me the first time. I guess I really wanted what I got or I was won over by a friendly smile and a patient soul.
I also went to CVS since they were having a sale on Revlon buy one get one free on foundations, powders, and blushes. So I stocked up on that. I got another color stay and powder. I love this too. I can’t say it’s better than MAC but is pretty close. I use it a lot now. I am glad that the formula and tone vary just like we do from dark in summer to light in winter.
I also stopped by the dollar store to get a few things and I am glad to see that LA COLORS is making more and more new products. Great for someone who wants to try something and not spend a fortune.
Out of all of the products I got. I must say that the Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift surprised me the most. It comes in a lipstick form but is very sheer and I like that. I actually does what it says and plumps and conditions the lips.
So ladies I know it is coming close to Fathers Day (June 21) but don’t forget about yourself. Stay gorgeous.

A review on all of my new MAC


The best oil control I have ever seen. I use this powder to set my makeup and it makes me look airbrushed. I love this powder and I always apply it with a brush. 


This is a rich moisturizer that I absolutely love. It gives your skin moisture and it has the SPF sun protection. I use it after I wash my face and before I put on my face every day. I can’t think of why I used anything else. I love this moisturizer. Best of all it’s rich without being heavy and that is the best part. 


This blush is a great contouring blush. It looks shimmery and it isn’t. The shimmer in the blush makes it glow and that is what it will do to your skin, make it glow. It looks like a natural rosy glow without looking fake or costume. I love the color pay off and it stays put.


Prep + prime skin is the best primer I have found yet. It gives the skin a silky feel without drying it out. It is emollient based so it’s white instead of clear like most primers. I am so proud of this product. It does what is says. It gives your skin the little push it needs to help your makeup last all day.

This has become a true staple in my makeup wardrobe. I use this for everyday and I pair it with two other products that give it more staying power and longevity. Prep and prime and the studio Moisture fix. These products together may be a bit heavy for people with normal to oily skin but, my skin is dry and it needs every bit of moisture and balance it can get. Powder foundations are naturally dry so that’s why I pay special attention in preparing my skin. Unlike other powder foundations, the consistency of the studio fix is much more refined giving way to smoother application and a more natural feel.


I cannot say enough about this foundation. It is so lush and creamy, yet is not heavy at all. I love the coverage and the wear. It is all in the formula. It has given my skin much needed moisture and I love the finish. even without blot powder or pressed powder this foundation has the power to stand on it’s own. You will love the look of it. Especially if you have dry skin. 

I have officially been MAC’d

I took a trip to the mall looking for a sale I had read about in the paper. On my way to the store that was having the sale I passed by a MAC store. I went in and I was in heaven. This was the cleanest cosmetics store I had ever been in. The MA immediately came to me and asked if I needed help with anything and I told her this was my first time and that I had never used the brand. She then asked me what kind of look was I going for and I told her just an everyday neutral face. She asked me about 20 questions about my skin and my lifestyle and about what kind of time I have to do my makeup or skincare. She basically wanted to know how the look would fit into my life. This I found very interesting. Because most salespeople don’t care why you want it as long as they make a sale. So her listening to me made me feel good about being there and not like I didn’t belong. 

She gave me a wipe and asked me to remove my makeup and she asked what was I currently using. I told her bare minerals. She said that she could see that my skin is dry and the mineral makeup was not helping me at all. When I took off my makeup she said my skin looked better without it. I knew then I was in the right place. For about 15 seconds she assessed my face and skin then she went off like the road runner gathering products. I got scared because I had never seen an associate at any store move that fast. 
After I finished removing my makeup in the mirror she showed me to a seat at a counter full of products. She then took a deep breath, asked me was I comfortable and then showed me what she had and what she was going to do. She started on my face and explained every product and what it did. She even showed me some complimentary product and alternatives to what she was using on me that would help my dry skin. 
This girl was awesome. She spoke to me in a great tone and plain English that I could understand every thing. I was blown away. I had never experienced such excellent customer service before in my life. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by the surroundings but after service like that I feel right at home in the MAC store.
I actually bought every single product she used on my face except a lipstick. I didn’t even think twice or regret it when I left the store. I looked great and I got a million compliments. I was floored. I had my doubts about MAC. Obviously they take great care of their customers. I should know I am one.

My favorite makeup products

I am a simple girl who likes simple things. I don’t have time for a lot of fuss so I have very little in my makeup bag. I have some favorites that I would like to share with you.

Revlon Colorstay Foudation and pressed powder. These two products have given me the best complexion a girl could ever ask for. My skin looks flawless when I have it on. I would not use anything else. I am hooked on the finish. I like a matte finish but not dry looking and this product achieved that along with the staying power. I work long hours and have a lot of things to do during the day and none of them include touching up my makeup. I love the Revlon Color stay because it is afordable and worth every penny. 
Rimmel London Long lasting lipstick in Bordeaux. This was my perfect shade and I was surprised. Rimmel London does not make a lot of products so suit African American skin and lately they have stepped up their game really. I have tried their eye shadow and bronze and have been amazed at the color payoff and quality. So I guess their research is in the right place.
This lipstick is smooth going on and smooth all day. The color lasted and lasted. I literally needed soap and water to wash it off. That I find amazing. It didn’t even leave a stain like some lipsticks do. 
Sugar Cosmetics Travel tan. This is a Matte tanner or bronze should I say. It doesn’t change colors as the day wears on. It is a bronze but with a glow. I liked this as a blush and all over face color boost. The result is better seen in the sun. I promise this one won’t fail you.
Cover girl Lip gloss in Baby Girl Pink. Cover girl has been coming out with so many new formulas and products I think they should spend more time promoting what they have now which is a great company trusted for over 40 years. This lip gloss gave me the feeling of silk on my lips which is strange because most glosses get sticky and this one didn’t. That was a nice and confusing surprise. It made me wonder if it was worth it. So as usual I tested it and even bought a few and gave to my study group for comparison. All 12 ladies in my group loved it and wanted to know where it has been. I concur, the lip gloss was very good in comparison to other drugstore and some department store brands.
I think all the female population of the world has tried, used or was raised on Cover girl and the fact that they are still here is proof enough about their products and how well they do what they say. I give this gloss 14 thumbs up. One for each member of the study group and two from me. I cannot tell you how refreshing this gloss was and to have them be buy one get one free was a steal.
I hope that this review has helped you in some way to decide whether or not to try some of these products. I like them and if you are thinking of trying them go ahead. Like I always say it’s only makeup if it doesn’t look good wash it off and start over.

Sugar cosmetics review

I recently took a trip to Marshall’s and they had two Sugar Cosmetics products. I got the Travel Tan and the Sugar Cube. First, the Travel Tan. I found this product to give a matte glow to my skin which is what I like. I don’t care for a lot of shimmer and this product didn’t have all the shimmer like other bronzing products. I really liked it. And it was so matte and similar to my skin tone that I used it as a substitution to my powder.

Now, the Sugar Cube. The eyeshadow in the cube are excellent quality and they go on smooth. So there are no complaints in that area. You can take them from light and casual to a more defined look. I recommend that you use them with other colors for a more dramatic and smokey look. There is also a blush and bronze in the cube but they are really small so they would be best as eye shadows. They have the same qualities. There are two lip glosses in the cube also and they are good. They taste sweet and look real pretty. Hence the name “Sugar” cosmetics. I got both products at Marshall’s for less than $5 a piece. No Kidding. So go take advantage of your “Shoppertunity“.

Revlon Colorstay Products 2

So I have been using Revlon Color stay Foundation and Powder and can  I just say that I love it. I am a hard to match skin tone and when I use the Color stay it gives me a clean, fresh well rested look and I can’t believe the coverage. I have never used a product that gave me everything I wanted and this product definitely did that. I want sheer but good coverage and a fresh look which, in the past, has been hard for me to get with other traditional makeup.

I am a big fan of makeup that looks fabulous without the huge markups of the department stores. I find that when you find something that works for you, you should really stick to it. As a stylist I have to throw away a lot of products that most women buy because they don’t need it. I believe in that if you look good you feel good. When your appearance is put together and upbeat you appear that way to others. So take the time to get yourself together and then take over the world.

CVS haul and review

CVS has a sale right now on beauty products and I took advantage of the great value. First, the L’oreal HIP products are buy one get one free. I got two creme eyliners in black and eggplant. These creme eyeliners work great and they have excellent staying power. I have also used these as an eyeshadow and they are good crease definers. Covergirl Lip products were also on sale as buy one get one free. I got two Covergirl Outlasts in Plum berry and Buff. The color payoff is medium but the staying power is awsome. It really does last and you get moisture instead of dryness like most other long wearing lip colors. I appreciate this fact and Love it. I also got two glosses. A CG wetslicks in fire fly and a lip gloss in baby girl pink. The shades are sheer but the tint is awesome. They aren’t tacky or stupid sticky. If you have the time try some of these products. 

Covergirl cosmetics for me is a staple. It was the first makeup I ever tried like from a teenager. My first foundation and lipstick was from covergirl. My first Mascara was from Maybelline. These prodicts have never steered me wrong in the past and I know I can count on them in a pinch. My purpose in life is to give the women of the world affordable beauty. I want to give all my knowledge and information to the world.

Marshalls Haul

I went to Marshall’s and found some really nice things. Mostly makeup and some skin care. So here is a list of the products I got.

Skin Care:
Bodylogic body butter in Mangocassis in a 6.5 oz – $3.99
As well as this being a great value for the size, it smelled really good and didn’t overpower my perfume. It was silky and moisturizing, it gave my skin moisture like you wouldn’t believe. I love this body butter.
Chocolovers Massage oil by Aquolina  in 8,45 oz – $3.99
I put this on my hands and it smells like fresh baked chocolate brownies. It was so sweet. I love the calming sensation I got. Just from putting it on my hands I felt like I had been to the spa. This is good for you and your honey or just a self relaxation. I also used it on my feet. It really is lovely.
Burt’s Bees Overnight Bee-uty Bag – $7.00
I got this just to try some products from Burt’s. It came in a cute little yellow and red bag with a bee embroidered on it. Inside were some sample sizes of burt’s products.
Beeswax Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Replenishing Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Lemon Butter cuticle cream (0.30 oz)
Deep Pore Scrub (0.53 oz)
Coconut foot creme (0.56 oz)
I haven’t tried any but I will let you know what I think.
Travel tan by Sugar cosmetics- I love this bronzer. As with all bronzers or bronzing products use sparingly and strategically. This bronzer gave me a light glow with minimal shimmer. So it can be used daily all over the face but like I said be careful with bronzers and tanners.
Sugar cosmetics sugar cube- This item was so cute. It is a foiled,hot pink cube and inside is an assortment of products. I will give a review later because I have not used this product. It comes with two glosses, eight eye shadows and two blushes with a mirror. All the sides are magnetic and it is well packaged. 
Coryse Salome’ Paris Lip color quad compact. I liked this palette because the colors are light but they are all dime sized in the compact with a huge mirror. The lip brush was missing out of this compact so it was $4.00. The colors are sheer so that’s a plus. This will be in my spare makeup kit.
I saw another bronzer and two other bronzing kits I picked up:
Mineral bronzing powder in Tantastic by Gotta B Urban in a Huge 1.27 oz for $5.99 not bad. It is amazing. The glow of this Bronzer is unbelievable. I don’t recommend it for your face but It looks great on the body. Try it on the Deck La Te’ and your shoulders or anywhere you want and extra glow. If you use it on your face use it over your moisturizer or just foundation it gets darker and time goes on. 
Another product I got by Gotta B Urban was another bronzer, this one came with a Kabuki brush and the color is Grand Canyon. This bronzer was more of a dark brick and I like it as a blush so if you try it and find another use or a better application let me know.
The last makeup item I got was a collection by Four East cosmetics and this was also a bronzing kit. It came with a bronzer shimmer cream, a bronzer shimmer powder, two eye shadows, two lip glosses, a small face brush and two eye brushes. I haven’t tried this yet but along with the other products I will give a review at a later time.
I also got another journal because my old one is almost full.
My total for all of these products was less than $50.00. Marshall’s really helped me with a “Shoppertunity“. When you get a chance check them out. Check out the video at www.youtube.com/user/mrsdwalker1

Revlon Colorstay Products

So I recently went to CVS pharmacy and they were having a beauty sale on Revlon color stay
I have not tried Revlon and I thought it would be the perfect chance
for me to try some. So I got the foundation and the powder and the results were excellent.
I did not expect for it to work as good as all the hype had led me to believe. I wanted to make
sure I had given it enough of a chance. So I wore it to work. I work 12 to 18 hour nights and
I am constantly moving.
So, when I got off of work with no touch ups my makeup was still fabulous. I didn’t
need to do a thing. The quality of this makeup is what I have come to expect from Revlon.
I like it when I am able to prove without a shadow of a doubt my makeup choices. As I always
say, don’t just take any ones word for it. Try it fJustify Fullor yourself and see if it works for you.
When choosing makeup you have a lot of things to consider; your skin type, your level of activity
and stress and also your time schedule. Don’t get
something you have to make time for. If you have 5 to 10 minutes to get ready in the morning
then you need something simple and powerful. For me, this was it. I am not disappointed
at all with the coverage or staying power.

Like I said don’t take my word for it try it for yourself and see if it works for you. If it
doesn’t, don’t be mad. Not everything I have tried has worked for me. It takes a lot of trial
and error to find something that will truly work for you. Know your skin and be comfortable
in it.

Profective products.

I have been trying to find some products that will improve the condition of my hair and I came across Profectiv a few months ago. This stuff is awesome. It restored the moisture to my hair and gave it body and shine. I think someone has finally heard our prayers ladies and has given us a system to go with it. If you have not tried Profectiv then I suggest starting with the 60 second strenthener and the mega growth hair and scalp conditioner. You will not be disappointed.