Notiq A5 blush pink planner setup.

This beautiful planner has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I have been in love with this planner since I received it a couple of weeks ago. My planning style has changed so much over the years. I started out with a Happy Planner, then moving into a Traveler’s notebook, now into an A5 rings.

I love an A5 for the space. The Happy Planner wasn’t portable or compact enough for me. A traveler’s notebook just wasn’t enough room. I needed the space and functionality. I love how customizable an A5 ring bound is and this planner cover is so gorgeous. I love the way it feels in my hands. I love the way it looks when I open it and lay it out on my desk. I love that it’s small enough to fit in my bag. My very large bag. lol.

Notiq is a black owned luxury stationary company that has some cult following as well as some great philanthropy to empower women. Vivian, the owner has a great personality and she is dedicated to awesome customer service. She sends out each and every order with a hand written thank you note which, I think, is so sweet and classy.

If you have not seen what the Notiq brand has to offer you can visit their website and find them on Instagram @notiqbrand.


Goal setting for the new year

I know it’s a tough subject to think about right now but it’s time to set some goals for 2020. We all start out the new year with resolutions, which we break within 10 minutes of the new year. This year I’m starting with goals. I want to accomplish more in the new year besides a whole night sleep.

After carefully reviewing every aspect of my life, I have come up with carefully thought out goals and action steps to help me to reach each one. This sounds simple, but it took me a few days to sort out what I really wanted out of life and how could I get there.

I had to sort out the attainable from the totally rediculous. I have a lot of wants, all of my wants cannot be turned into attainable goals. Most of my wants were really broken down to achievable by a change in routine or habit. My real goals, had a series of steps and levels to the finished product.

I have four planners that help me to achive daily, weekly, and monthly goals. All of them are different sizes and only one system is a different type. I picked each of these planners according to what information I will be keeping track of in each. I’ll go into more detail of each in a later post.

When you get your clear vision about what you want out of life and make a plan of how you will get there, trust your judgement on what if any planner or planning system will work for you.

Here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

1. Separate your wants from your needs. Most goal setting is stumped by wants vs needs. Needs are necessary for everyday life, wants make getting your needs easier, comfortable or more efficient.

2. Be realistic about your goals. Nothing hurts worse than trying to reach an unrealistic goal. It’s like trying to go to the moon without a space ship.

3. Don’t stop with a general goal. Keep going by writing your action steps out. Then you can see your plan in action.

4. Take your time. This is your goals and your plan. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or conform your goals based on where you should be. Plan for where you are and where You want to go and not where others want you to be.

5. You don’t have to be a superhero. Your goal are about you and only you. Don’t feel bad for that. You are not responsible for helping others achieve their goals. Don’t allow them to make you feel bad about your success.

I hope this post helps you to rock your goals this year. Go for it. Don’t let fear keep you from your dreams.

2020 The year of clear vision.

The beginning of a new decade is days away and I have strategically set up my life and my routines to serve me greatly in the new year. 2019 has shown me a lot about myself, my loved ones, my friends and my life. My elders had a saying when you were not living with your priorities in order. They would say, “When you see life, all that other stuff will change.” meaning that when you realize what’s really important, you’ll get your act together.

Well, I’m here to say, they were absolutely right. Living with a conscious mind, and an open perspective has brought me many blessings. I can finally see clear. I am finally focused on what really matters to me and now I am ready to receive whatever the universe has for me. I am ready to embrace life and all that it brings.

This year taught me a lot of hard lessons. I have suffered and prospered all in the same breath. I am ready to move on and take my lessons with me. I have aligned myself with the universe and am grateful for all that I have and all that I am going to receive.

Life has an interesting way of getting you to pay attention and be present. I’m thankful for every wakeup call. I hope that you have found a great lesson to take with you into the new year. I hope this new year brings you much joy, love, prosperity, and self awareness.

I am totally aware of myself and what my job here is. I am totally at the mercy of God and his great design for my life. I don’t know my purpose but I am well aware of my calling.

Happy new year to you all and I hope that we will be blessed to share many more together.

Putting Out The “Fires” That Burn our lives to the ground.

Everyday there are things in our life that run a muck. Sometimes we can catch it as it’s happening and intervene. Other times we don’t see it until it’s a four alarm fire. What we don’t realize is that most of the fires in our life, we start. We wonder why things happen to us knowing we haven’t done anything. That is the biggest problem, not doing anything. Here are four things that we do unconsciously that starts an avalanche of problems.

  1. Neglect. Neglect by definition is to give little attention or respect to. Like your child’s behavior which used to be cute but is now publicly embarrassing? Your marriage that used to be full of love and joy but now you can’t stand to be in the same room with one another? Your credit score that seems to reduce itself by 100 points a day? Your weight that you make excuses for? The body that you hide in baggy clothes? All of these things are the consequence of neglect.
  2. Indifference. Indifference by definition is the lack of interest concern or sympathy. Much like neglect it has the same type of consequential universal reaction. For example, your credit score is dwindling because you are indifferent about paying your bills or paying them on time. You have no sense of concern or urgency on your responsibilities. You see no need to work out so you don’t. As long as your kids aren’t bothering you, you implement no real discipline, and so on.
  3. Fear. Fear is a feeling induced by a perceived danger. The keyword here is perceived. Perception can be altered depending on your position. Like the rear view mirror on the side of your car that says “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. Life has no such warning but that would be great if it did. Just like you have to look before you switch lanes to prevent collision, you have to look around in your life to prevent destruction.
  4. Complacency. This is the dreaded comfort zone that people warn you about. You get comfortable with below average or even substandard life that you have no clue what’s going on around you like going to the job that you hate because it pays some of the bills instead of updating your resume or going back to school because staying at the crappy job is easier. Or not disciplining your kids because you want to be their buddy instead of a parent. By the time you realize the whole forest of your life has burned to the ground.
  5. Keeping up with the Kardashians. The phrase “keeping up with the Jones’s” is a bit outdated for this day and age of social media, but the same applies here. Being so wrapped up in keeping up appearances in a one-sided media platform is a dangerous distraction. While you are falling victim to the drama and consumerism which is social media, your own world is falling to pieces. Social media only tells one side of the story. It’s there for advertisement and entertainment. It is a bad representation of real life.

Now that we have established how most of the “fires” in our lives get started, let me give you a few “emergency contacts” (tips) to help you put a few out.

  1. Call the “Fire Department”. In other words, get some help. Most times the people who truly care about you can see the fire from the outside better than you can from the inside and will be glad to help in any way they can. This also applies to counsel. Talking to someone could be the biggest and best help of all.
  2. Get Moving. You can’t do anything standing still. Real lasting change requires action. Have you ever seen a firefighter standing still or not doing anything at the scene of a fire? Not doing anything is what got the fire started and action is the only way to put it out.
  3. Call Serve Pro. Not really but you have to clean up the mess. Remove all the debris (negativity) from your life and evaluate what you really want. Remove some things, and even people, that no longer serve you any purpose. I know you love your tribe but what good are they if they can’t help you or at least warn you about what they see. “Hey friend, your house is burning”.
  4. Have a plan. Make sure you know where all the “exits” and “fire extinguishers” are. Have people designated to help you and keep them updated on how you’re doing. If you’ve ever experienced the devastation of a real house fire like me, you know how important it is to prevent rather than put out. Have a plan and people in place to help you. You won’t regret it.

Your life doesn’t have to “burn” but once and a while a few small fires flare up. With the right support and training (self discipline), the next fire won’t be so bad.

I’m back in theHappy Planner

So usually I don’t buy a planner after July but I was so tempted to get one. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and the ladies on there had their planners so pretty and uniquely customized and mine had been sitting on the shelf for a while. I finally got up enough nerve to go to my local Walmart that now carries happy planner products. I purchase the happy planner vertical and a happy notes notebook. I also purchased some pens and highlighters but that goes with the territory.

As soon as I got home, as tired as I was from working all night, I immediately started setting up my planner. I have a few sections in my planner that aren’t exactly set in stone. I don’t know whether I want to keep my planner in this order or switch around for convenience. Right now the way my planter is set up I’m giving it a go for a couple of weeks to see how I like the way I set it up, to see if it will be good for me, and to find out whether or not I had the right idea by purchasing another planner.

I would love to add a home section to my planner. The happy planner does make a home extension pack that I am looking forward to purchasing. The new extension pack actually has chores laid out for each week, month, and day. I’ve enjoyed everything that the happy planner has made so far. Me and my big Ideas has done a great job with all of the creative aspects of the happy planner. I am very pleased with the quality of the paper, the size of the classic size planner, and the customization of it.

The happy planner is so versatile. You can add as much as your discs can hold or you can have the bare-bones planner and still have a lot of creative inspiration. My planner is currently Franken planned. I have the oh so lovely vertical layout and I have the happy mom planner combined into one. I also have a happy notes notebook that I have deconstructed and added into my planner for extra journaling and Faith planning. So far I like the way that I have the planner setup. It looks good it’s all very functional which is my style but I do like a little pop of creativity and decor. The happy planner is known for its very creative and colorful style and that’s what I initially bought a happy planner for back in 2014.

Since I’ve had the happy planner it has served its purpose in my life by not only giving me a creative outlet but also keeping me organized which in turn keeps me sane. I also love the way I can customize my planner to just totally fit me. Even though it’s a store-bought planner it’s a premade planner I can still customize it to fit me and everything that I need on a day-to-day basis and I love that.

Here are a few pictures of my planner and how I have it set up but I’m going to do a video of a walk through in my planner to explain more in depth about what I have turned my happy planner into.

Weathering tropical storm Barry.

We are experiencing we are experiencing our first tropical storm of this year. Tropical storm Barry. He has already flooded out most of South Louisiana. Now headed to the northeast.

I live an hour and a half from New Orleans. We are all prepared for the Storm. I have purchased all of our essentials. We are just waiting on the weather. Literally. We have experienced light rain and wind. Nothing really bad yet.

I’m just hoping that I can make it home from work safe. I am working until 11 p.m. tonight. Barry is scheduled to make landfall around 4 a.m.

I don’t usually post about things like this but I’m bothered for some reason. I just have a nervousness about tropical storms and hurricanes.

I lived through Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Gustav and a few others that I can’t remember the names of. I just don’t like bad weather in general. Even a thunderstorm makes me nervous.

I hope that my family, friends and neighbors are all safe and prepared. I’ve done the best I can. I’m hoping for the best. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will have a good update. Stay tuned for more about me and Barry.

My Traveler’s Notebook setup 2019

This is my setup in my new traveler’s notebook. I love having a traveler’s notebook because of how compact it is. I got most of my books from Michael’s craft store. One came with the cover and My monthly and weekly calendar inserts are by AtHomeWithQuita here on YouTube.
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The clear pockets come from Michael’s as well as the remaining books. The link to those:

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My Law of Attraction Story

This is my personal law of attraction story and a little motivation for you all. I didn’t believe in the law of attraction at first. I started to use some of the techniques in my own life and I got amazing results. I hope that my testimony will help someone along the way. Thank you so much for watching and I will have more to come.

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