Becca Shimmering skin perfector review- Opal and Blushed Copper

Blushed Copper

I had been hearing and seeing all the hype about Becca Shimmering skin perfectors for a while. I had seen so many reviews, swatches and demos. I really liked what I saw and heard but still wondered what all the hype was about. So, I finally dove in and ordered two. I wanted the one that was most raved about which is Opal. But when I was shopping online, Blushed Copper caught my eye. It looked like someone had taken a bronzed diamond and put it in a compact. It was so gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The product and the packaging are so gorgeous and the result of this skin perfector is beautiful. I can’t say enough about this product but what I can say, to sum it up in one word, gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting to love this product but I do. It gives a beautiful glow on my skin tone. It makes me look lit from within. I love this skin perfector and I use it also as a light blush on the days when I’m wearing minimal makeup. This product is every bit as much of a gem as it looks. Its especially stunning on tan and deeper skin tones.


Now let’s talk about the star of the show, Opal. This product was so hyped up I almost didn’t purchased it. I was so skeptical, as usual, about it that it made me go and google it. After I had read 35 reviews and blog post and watched 60 videos, I added it to my cart and checked out. I waited ever so patiently for them to arrive. Even after the order was placed I was still having second thoughts. So then they arrive at my door and I must say the angels were singing. Now I know why Opal is so raved and talked about and recommended so much. It is the most gorgeou and yet universal highlights ever. I love the way it makes you look lit from within. So beautiful on every single skin tone. I just can’t say enough. I will say that these will be a repurchase. They are always in my makeup bag and I use them every single day that I wear makeup. These two products definitely get five stars each from me. I actually don’t know how I was living without them.