Carly Bybel Palette Review

This palette was so incredibly hyped up that I really waited until the excitement was over before I even thought about giving it a try. This palette was an addition to my personal collection and I wanted to try it for so long. I just had to wait out the initial release in order to do it. A lot of people were reviewing this palette and gave it high marks. I’m not so much a sucker for everyone’s opinion. I only trust a few select people. I kept on doing my research for months after this palette was released and to my surprise it was still getting very high marks, even after two months. I was surprised. I didn’t hear any type of scandal or controversy surrounding this palette. Even those who purchased and were not sent it in PR gave it great reviews. 
Finally, I pulled the trigger and purchased during Ulta’s 21 days of beauty event. It wasn’t on the sale list but it was right in store at the checkout counter and I took that as a sign that this was worth me having.
Carly Bybel Palette

This palette has a row of satin and semi-matte eyeshadows, a row of shimmery eyeshadows, and a row of highlights. The texture of the powders are amazing. They are buttery and soft. They blend easily and don’t have a lot of fallout. This has been a great neutral palette for me. I sometimes want an all matte eye but, I think that makes me look a little heavy around the eyes. This palette has given me a versatile look. These are all neutral colors that work for everyday looks.

I am in my 30’s. Glittery eyeshadows are not and never have been my thing. I don’t want to look like a teenager playing with makeup. I have grown up quite a bit and my makeup style has to reflect that. This palette gives me what I need to create a modern, age friendly look on an everyday basis. I am constantly reaching for this palette. The highlights are a beautiful and dare I say creamy texture and aren’t to heavy for my deep caramel skin. Most highlighters tend to look ashy on African-American skin tones, especially deep skin tones. These apply great and wear great to all complexions. I love the way these feel. They are so smooth I have used them as eyeshadows too.

The construction and design of this palette is very clean. White cardboard with a big mirror and magnetic closure. This palette is great for travel. The slogan on the inside is a great one to live by. “Aspire to Inspire” That is a great quote.

This is the first time that I have ever purchased a YouTuber and brand collaborated product. I  must say that I am not disappointed. This palette lived up to the hype and guess what?  YouTube made me buy it.


Lorac Buildable blush review.

Of all the makeup products in the world my favorites are all full of color. Blushes and lip products are my vice. I can’t help myself when it comes to these two products. Today the topic is blush. I have always loved NARS blushes but they are quite an investment. Those blushes are highly pigmented and sometimes have to be applied with a light hand, which I tend not to have wirth most colored products. I have been on a quest for a more day to day blush that was blendable and had less of a hefty price tag. My research led me to Lorac. The company that has become well known for their iconic pro eyeshadow and bronzer had finally come out with a line of blushes that catered to the everyday woman. These blushes are so soft and smooth and they look incredible on the skin. The formula is matte and satin so you can find the right one for you. Thanks to Ulta beauty and Lorac cosmetics, I have finally gotten my hands on the two colors that I had been eying for a while and at 50% off.

This first color I am going to talk about is a beautiful vibrant peach. It compliments a lot of skin tones and is a gorgeous flush on any warm skin tone. Technicolor is that blush that fools the eye. It makes you think that it will be overpowering and it really isn’t that at all. It looks so beautiful on the skin, I fell in love with this one first. It makes you look so fresh and awake. The formula of these blushes are so amazing, They are soft and buildable and the color payoff is amazing. This will be the perfect blush for me come spring and summer. It will be just the right amount of healthy glow.

The next color is Chroma and it also fooled me. I thought that it was going to really be a straight up purple blush. Instead, it was a gorgeous wash of plum. The perfect blush for me this coming fall season. I love my plums and berries in the fall and this blush ties right into what I look for during the fall and winter months. I’ve just found my new favorite fall/winter blush. It applies so effortlessly. It blends like butter and wears like a dream. I won’t be putting this one down any time soon.

The whole line of blushes are really beautiful. If you’re heavy handed like me you will love the formula and application. These blushes are designed for everyday use and wear. I would not compare them to a MAC or NARS blush. This is a totally different formula. These blushes don’t have as much pigment. They apply to the skin very lightly. Even when you pick up a lot of product. Lorac really accomplished their goal with this product and the name is spot on. I hope you fall in love with these blushes as much as I have. They are really pretty.

Buxom Full on Lip Polish Review

I have been a huge fan of BareMinerals for years. I loved their mineral foundation. That foundation was the first powder form of foundation that didn’t make me look ashy or ghostly. It never broke me out and it lasted forever. I was pleasantly surprised when the company came out with the Buxom line.

The first gloss I tried was Sandy. It was so beautiful and I loved the tingle it gave my lips. It was gorgeous on top of any lipstick that I wore. I used the entire tube and repurchased four times. I have been using and loving buxom glosses ever since. It has been about ten years now that I have been a devoted BareMinerals and Buxom lip polish user.

Lately they have been coming back in with more new colors. 100 in all. Which is so incredible. Each one lends a different undertone and hue. Each one sparkles and shines in it’s own way. There is a color for every skin tone and every woman. Whether you are a diva, or stay at home mom, Buxom has your perfect pout. Let’s talk about two of my favorites.


Candied Berry

 This color is my true love. I am always reaching for this color and usually have a backup of this somewhere in my makeup stash. It looks like it’s a dramatic color in the container but on the lips, it is a sheer wash of berry with a little bit of brown undertone, I can never go wrong with this one.


Chocolate Sparkle
This color has also become a favorite. I love a nude lip and this color is perfect to wear over a nude lipstick, with a nude lip liner or just on it’s own. I love this color on it’s own. It gives my lips a nice sparkle and shine. It makes me look a little more pulled together even on a minimal or no makeup day. I keep this shade in my makeup bag. It’s great for touch ups no matter what color I was wearing. 
The only complaint that I have heard about this gloss is the tingle and the stickiness. Gloss is such a personal preference. Some like a sticky gloss, like myself and others like a more slippery gloss. I love the feel of this gloss too. The tingle is actually very cooling to my lips, which is always welcome. It’s like popping a mint without actually eating one. I can’t testify to the plumping effect because my lips are pretty full, but the tingle does make you pout a little. I think that is the point of the cooling inside the formula. 
The Buxom full on lip polish retails for $20.00. I think they are worth every penny of your investment. If you don’t want to splurge on just one then get a set of minis to try and see if you like them. I recommend The Pout of paradise set or the Ulta exclusive Six degrees below. Both sets retail for $32.00. You get six minis to try and hopefully you’ll fall in love with them the way I have.